Energy block | The physical instrument of emotional repression

It made Tyler realize that adults don’t know what they are doing either and we are all just children.

It made me realize that sometimes choosing the wrong requires much more consciousness and courage.

It’s been a long time since I decided to be the flow of the energy I feel and never take control over things that neither can be created nor destroyed. We often complicate the word energy by trying to define it in scientific or mystical terms, but, one thing we all know for sure, you are not in control of it and maybe that’s for good. Certain situations or people can deplete our energy. While we perfectly understand, that the right or wrong bullshit can never bind or open the energy we feel, we still try to limit the emotional flow as soon as it uncovers its provenance.

We block our energy, hoping to block the initial source of it. Wilhelm Reich claimed that we block our energy to defend against unwanted feelings or impulses. He referred to these blocks as “the physical instrument of emotional repression.” As he saw it, the blocking of energy was an adaptive strategy to manage life’s frustrations.

We blame it on the moon, bad timing, small cities, unavailability, political situation, abstinence, and affection…but maybe at some point we should take a step back and stop blaming.

It’s okay to desire the wrong.

It’s okay not knowing what to do next

It’s okay if you feel lost

It’s okay if you feel guilty

It’s okay

Just stop fighting back the energy that feeds you

Stop the denial and take a break from your thoughts.

It may be a shit situation, but that’s life.

Journalist / Writer